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Double Door refrigerator Price list

refrigerator-double-door-ab-electronicsDouble Door refrigerator with the latest features to customize refrigerators that are configured to your space, you will find something stylish for your home. Search double door refrigerator with the latest technology and innovative designs.  You will find many double door refrigerators with a variety of special functions are including
Multi-Air Flow Cooling Technology: This cooling system ensures the entire Double Door refrigerator cool by circulating air through several openings.
LED lighting: LED lights in Double Door refrigerator not only helps to save energy, it is more durable than a normal bulb. LEDs are also really suitable for devices on and off purpose, and give less heat keep fridge temperatures.
Reversible door: with reversible door in double door Fridge, you can arrange the space as you need it.
Water Dispenser: Enjoy adjust the Comforts of fresh water without opening the double door refrigerator. This contributes also be reduced to a loss of cold air.
4sensors: 4 digital sensors boost the efficiency of the double door refrigerator, records of temperature and alarming when the door is left open.

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Double Door Fridge

GL-B252VPGY LG Refrigerator

GL-B252VPGY 240 Litres LG Double Door Refrigerator LG ...

Base price: MRP 22,990.00
Variant price modifier:
Price / kg:

GL-B282SMCL LG Refrigerator

GL-B282SMCL 255 Litres LG Double Door Refrigerator LG ...

Base price: MRP 22,490.00
Variant price modifier:
Price / kg:

GL-B252VMGY LG Refrigerator

GL-B252VMGY LG 240 Litres Double Door Refrigerator This ...

Base price: MRP 21,990.00
Variant price modifier:
Price / kg:

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